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Loft FAQs

Application Approval
Application Fee
Rent Auto-Deducted
Lease Periods
Creature Companions (Pets)
Office Address
Historical Renovations
No Smoking Throughout Building

What is pre-leasing?
**Now Pre-Leasing for 2021**
Pre-Leasing allows you to secure a loft of your choice when your move-in date is two weeks or more (even several months) in the future. Here is how our Pre-Leasing Program works:

  • The first step is to find a loft that you love!
  • Then you will need to submit your application.
  • To reserve a loft, you will need you to sign a lease and pay the deposit for the loft. *deposits vary per loft*

How do I know if my application will be approved or denied?
The simple answer is there is not a way for us to know before an application comes in and we have processed all the information.

We are looking for basic criteria in prospective tenants as a basis for your approval. With your help we will do everything we can to try to get you approved but there are cases where that may not happen. The more information you can provide us the better the chances are we will be able to work with you.

What you need to provide on your application to help you get approved:

  • Positive Rental History
  • Job History
  • Background check: OK
  • Having never been charged or convicted of a felony.
  • Good income source to pay your rent.

Following are issues that may cause your application to be denied or co-signers required:

  • Lack of Rental History
  • Bad Rental History (multiple late pays or any evictions)
  • Background check reveals negative issues (evictions, criminal charges, etc.)
  • Bad or low credit score (i.e., bad checks or excessive collection issues)
  • No income
  • No co-signer (co-signers required for anyone under the age of 21)

Help yourself & us - Be honest on your application and explain issues in detail.

(The items above are basic criteria and do not represent all examples.)

Is there an application fee & background check?
Yes - All application fees are Non-Refundable. Background checks are required.

How do I pay my rent and when is it due?
Your rent is auto-deducted from your checking account & paid to CJ Famous Enterprises on the date of the month you move-in.

What if my roommate does not pay rent?
When 2 (or more) parties enter into a lease, they become both jointly AND severally liable, meaning that the full amount will be auto-deducted on the due date and the rent is 100% collectible from one or all parties. It is up to roommates to decide how much they should pay jointly and it does not matter as long as the rent is set up to be auto-deducted the 1st of each month.

If one roommate pays half and the other(s) do not pay, the delinquent amount is collectible from ALL parties, including the roommate that has already paid half.

How long are the leases?
We offer 12-month & 24-month leases. Our leases always begin on the 3rd of the month and complete on the 28th of the final month of the lease term. 

Do you have any special lease offers?
If you sign a 24 month lease - you receive your 25th month's rent free.

Does Famous Lofts allow pets?
Yes! We believe creature companions/pets are important to one's health. Birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, and fish are allowed with Landlords' prior written consent. Tenant will be required to sign Creature Companion/Pet Lease Addendum.

How much do creature companion (pet) deposits cost?

A deposit is required for each individual creature companion/pet. Allowed creature companions/pets and deposits:

Cat or Ferret $300 per cat or ferret

Small Dog (under 15lbs) $300 per dog

Medium Dog (under 50 lbs) $400 per dog

Large Dog (50lbs & over) $500 per dog

Birds $150 per bird

Fish $150 per tank
Except: Fishbowl holding 1 gallon or less, no filter or motor - no deposit or additional monthly rent.

Small Mammals (Gerbils, Rats, Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs and Squirrels) Not Allowed.

A $50 monthly fee will be added for each creature companion/pet or fish tank. No monthly rent for fish in a bowl less than one gallon of water with no motor or tank.

What if I want to get a creature companion (pet) after I move in?
A new creature companion must be approved before the creature moves into your loft. If Tenant is found to have an unauthorized creature companion/pet, a $500 unauthorized creature companion/pet fee will be charged, and monthly rent increased by $50 per month, per pet. A new Creature Companion/Pet Addendum is required within 7 days of new creature in the loft.

What are your mailing and office addresses?
Our Mailing address:
CJ Famous Enterprises
c/o BJM
971 Coley Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Our Office address:
971 Coley Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Who completed the historical renovations to the famous Building?
Historical renovations were completed through a partnership with Building Preservation, Avant Interiors, and Facility Design Group.

Building Preservation, LLC Logo
Building Preservation, LLC
Deb Sheals
29 South 9th Street, Ste. 210, Columbia, MO 65201

Deb Sheals is an architectural historian with more than 20 years of experience in the field of historic preservation. Work during that time has included historical research and documentation for more than 1,500 historic buildings. Research, National Register and Historic Preservation Tax Credit projects have taken her to more than 50 cities, in six states.

Avant Interiors Logo
Avant Interiors
Stacy Knauer | NCIDQ - Principal Interior Designer
600 West College St. #102, Springfield, MO 65806

As a project director, Stacy has spent almost 15 years taking projects from concept through execution with an exceptional ability to understand issues and provide custom, client-focused solutions. Her background spans a wide variety of industries and project types and sizes. From custom homes, to familiar and intimate workplace design, Stacy sees design from multiple viewpoints, and she strives to develop tailored solutions for functional, creative interiors-always with a focus on providing exceptional experiences for the people who will use the space.

Facility Design Group, LLC Logo
Facility Design Group, LLC
Steven F. Retherford, AIA, Principal

Is smoking allowed in any part of the Famous Building?

To help preserve historic restoration and protect the health of our residents, business owners, and guests - all lofts, offices & common areas are designated as no smoking and/or vaping.

Lofts, offices & common areas are subject to property care inspection at any time. Smoking and/or vaping will incur $500 fee per incident. At 2nd incident, in addition to $500 fee, lease will be terminated.